Who is BlipBlap

Who are these guys?

So, now that you’re here you’re thinking, who are these guys and why should I listen to them? Why should i listen to another idiot behind a computer screen, living in his parents basement and eating Cheetos by the pound? First off all we don’t live in our parents basement, and no offense to those who do. But getting to the point, you should listen to BlipBlap because we know what we’re talking about. Each of our staff has a minimum of 5 years betting experience and there is no wager that we haven’t made, won, lost, pushed, parlayed, et cetera, your name it we have bet it. Plus we are completely transparent about our picks. You’ll know our successes and failures each step of the way.

BlipBlap evaluates each and every days games and picks only the absolute best available games on the board. If we don’t feel that days games offer the best chance for you to win, we simply don’t pick. No one forces us to pick every game on the board nor will we try because thats’ not the point. The point is to pick with accuracy and you simply can’t do that if you take a shotgun approach and attempt to pick every game. After all at the end of the day everyone wants to win and help you win with consistency. The better your winning percentage, the more money you’re going to win. Its that simple. So sit back, relax, check our betting history, and ride our co-tails.


Betting 101. The BlipBlap Commandments:

Rule No. 1. UPSETS HAPPEN, LIVE WITH IT! i.e 2011 Jags 12 vs Ravens 7; 2012 Cardinals 20 @ Pats 18; 2013 Rams 38 @ Colts 8.

Rule No. 2. Our job is to help you (a) Avoid upsets (b) Pick the ensuing upsets and (c) Minimize your risk by selecting the best QUALITY plays possible.

Rule No. 3.  See rule number 1.

Rule No. 4. We will lose, at times! No handicapper is 100%. Our goals is to pick 65% winners or greater over a one year time span. This strategy will make you as much money as possible. Think ‘old bull, young bull’ and google it if you don’t understand the reference. We’ll go 8-1 some days while others we may go 2-6. Be realistic, as the Dude once said “Strikes and gutters, up’s and down’s”

Rule No. 5. We pick what we want to pick. Some days there may be 6 picks and some days there may be no picks. We do this to give you the best chance to win by choosing the highest quality games possible. Yes, some games are really hard to pick and should not be picked at all. If you bet the 11:00, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00, and midnight games, every College Football Saturday, then get off our site and call Gambler’s Anonymous.

Rule No. 6. “Know Thyself”. We know the three major American sports. Basketball, Baseball, and Football. These are the picks you will receive, and as stated above, we reserve the right not to pick on certain days. If you want obscure soccer, hockey, and Nascar picks then this isn’t the site for you.

​Rule No. 7. Don’t ask us how many units to bet. Our job is to lower your picking risk, not bankroll management. Bet within your means, do not bet more than you can afford to lose. We’re here to keep this simple, and provide you with winning picks. No more, no less.

Rule No. 8. ​ Don’t ask us about odds. Our picks are here to help you win. Our sole goal is winning percentage. If you don’t like the fact that our pick is -220 or +300 then don’t follow it. As long as we win we don’t care about the odds.

Rule No. 9. We don’t recommend Parlays, IF’s, or Round Robin bets. If you choose to take our picks and put them in such a format then buyer beware. Our picks are straight up, win or lose format.

Rule No. 10. ​Have fun, and let’s make some money!!!