NBA 12/18

Knicks +11 @ Bulls:

There’s alot on paper to like the Bulls, especially with Joakim Noah back, but paper doesn’t tell everything.  The Knicks have been fantastic at covering, not at winning, this season.  Carmelo Anthony always gives the Bulls fits and they still have no one to guard him.  If we’re going on talent, the Bulls should own this one and they probably will.  But they won’t own it enough to cover.  A late 15 point lead slips back and the Knicks backdoor cover 97 – 90.

Milwaukee +7.5 @ Sacramento/Under 203.5:

Too much is being made of a close back to back night in Portland.  This Bucks team has showed resolve and the Kings are reeling right now.  Sacramento actually showed up against OKC two nights ago and still couldn’t cover.  We gotta think there’s a bit of a letdown when Milwaukee comes to town.  Not to mention, Larry Sanders and Giannis still provide more force inside.  Sacramento’s speed could be a problem, but we like the Bucks to cover.  We’ll take the under either way, as both teams are pretty much all or nothing on the offensive end.  We’ll go with nothing tonight in a 99 – 95 Bucks win.

OKC +3 @ Golden State:

These two teams play amazing matchups.  You will not want to miss a single minute of this game.  Expect up and down scoring and ridiculous athleticism on both sides.  OKC will jump out early, but Golden State will have a 5 – 8 point lead by Q3.  Like the last couple of meetings, we really feel this will come down to the last possession or two.  The value is in the team getting points.  Thunder hold a 1 point lead late, and a Splash Brothers’ 3 at the buzzer is the difference.  Golden State 104 – OKC 103.  Thunder cover.

Pelicans +5 @ Houston:

The one thing the Pelicans can do is score points.  Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard should neutralize each other.  At that point it’s just who shoots better from the wings, and outside of James Harden New Orleans is just as athletic to get their own on the perimeter.  A little too much travel and a back to back, coming from the mile high, have to play some role in this.  We think Houston wins, but they fail to cover.  105 – 101 Rockets.

NCAAB 12/18

Cleveland State +19 @ Virginia:

It seems like suicide betting against Virginia.  You’re talking about one of the deepest, best defending teams in the country.  Timing is absolutely perfect for this game though.  Virginia will surely overlook Cleveland State a bit, and it’s exam week.  The Cavs have barely been able to fit in practices between finals and trying to get away for a day or two during the Holidays.  Cleveland State played a low scoring drag out game with a Louisville team that may be the most athletic team in the country.  We’ll get a similar type of ugly ball game here where the Vikings can hang around.  Virginia 65 – Cleveland State 50.

South Alabama +14.5 @ Richmond:

Just a gut feeling on this one, but if you look at all their past games Richmond is a borderline very good team.  They are close to beating solid teams like UNI, NC State, etc.  But they aren’t there yet, and while South Alabama has struggled to win games, they’ve been competitive in all.  In fact, USA has not lost a single game by more than 13 points this season.  That includes a 12 point loss to Miami.  For those of you that don’t know that’s a perfect 7 – 0 against this spread line.  We’ll take those odds.  South Alabama hangs around within 15 in a 69 – 60 loss.

Duke -10.5 vs. Uconn:

Nobody rallies the troops like Uconn.  The scary part of this, as well, is Ryan Boatright has the ability to carry Uconn throughout this one.  We feel like there’s too much Jahlil Okafor and too much Justice Winslow for Duke to blow this game though.  End of the day, there’s firepower all over Duke, and Uconn doesn’t have the length of the Dukies.  We’ll take the Blue Devils in a close cover 76 – 65.  If you’re at all IFFY, follow our teaser below, it’s the much safer play.

Teaser of the Night: Ole Miss -3/Duke -5.5:

Ole Miss can still score the rock, as well as ever.  The Rebs still have their issues on defense, but they’ve proven they can play good teams well.  Wins over Creighton and Oregon definitely prove that.  Coastal Carolina hasn’t shown us anything.  A very average UCLA team blew them out by 13, and their best win is Auburn, who is awful.  We’ll ride the home team to cover and knock the more athletic Duke squad down to 5.5.

Depaul +6 @ Oregon State:

All the Vegas odds numbers have this game as a 1 – 2 point game.  Depaul’s lack of defense is always an area of concern, but Oregon State has offensive woes like you can’t believe.  We like the talent on Depaul to a much greater degree.  If this were neutral we’d be picking the Blue Demons all day.  We don’t feel like home court is worth what the oddsmakers are giving the Beavers.  We’ll take value in the points, and actually expect the big road upset.  Depaul wins 73 – 56.

NFL 12/18

Jags -3.5 vs. Titans:
Our advice is take the safer play and buy the extra .5 point in this one to ensure the push.  Either way, we’ve got the home team who has the better quarterback.  We’ve got the by far better defense in Jacksonville.  The Titans have zero run game, whatsoever.  Tennessee is giving up points left and right.  They’ve also showed no signs of life all season.  Jacksonville just played Baltimore tight, they recently beat the Giants, and Blake Bortles is starting to get it figured out.  Jags are the easy pick.  Take the -3.5, but if you can buy the .5 point, buy it.  Jags win 24 – 14.